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    Europay terminals in Czech Republic
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    How to pay on our terminal?
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The EuroPay Comp. provides an innovative paying system on the territory of the Czech republic

EuroPay payment terminals let provide payments for different kinds of services round-the-clock without any human resources. By means of EuroPay terminals you may pay for such services as the Internet, mobile communication, TV and many others.

The main strategical target of the EuroPay Comp. is to expand its own network of payment terminals by means of growth of interest of end users using the service. The company continues developing thanks to implementation of extra services and due to the fact that we provide various commercial companies with the possibility to increase profitability and attractiveness of their own business by placing our payment terminals on mutually advantageous terms. The main our goal lies in regular provision of the population with round-the-clock access to the most convenient means of payment for various services.

Advantages of working with the Europay system of instant payments:

  • Round-the-clock work
  • Complete autonomy
  • 5 language interface
  • Money entry during 5 minutes
  • Convenience of usage
  • Great quantity of terminals